Health & Fitness Professionals – Your Booming Market

There’s no doubt that Baby Boomers have been a social force ever since they came on the scene almost 60 years ago. As a health and fitness professional, you’re ideally placed to start taking advantage of this powerful generation if you start getting a little creative with your marketing.

Boomers, as a collective, have spent more money than any generation previously. Right now they’re in their peak earning years, and they’re also beginning to realize that some things are not working as well as they used to. Things like their back, their knees, their heart, and many other parts of their body are demanding a bit more attention now that they’re getting older.

Boomers are also health conscious, which means they will proactively seek out solutions on their own if their doctor or their insurance comes up short. They want to stay as strong and as independent as possible for as long as possible, and they’re motivated to seek solutions that will enable them to do this (even if they don’t always follow through). This means that if you can make them understand the powerful benefits of your services, you’ll be well placed for many long-term clients.

When you start marketing to this generation, don’t even think of calling them “seniors.” Would you call Brad Pitt a senior? He’s on the low edge of the Boomer population. Robin Williams? Probably not. This group is redefining aging and retirement, so you’d better make sure that when you market to them, your message is as forward thinking as they are.

When you start putting together your marketing approach, consider the important benefits that could be gained from aligning yourself with doctors and other health care providers. They’re perfectly placed to refer your name or business to their patients if they understand the benefits of your services.

Imagine how many clients this could turn into if you marketed yourself to the medical community. Many Boomers and seniors alike have very outdated ideas about fitness and aerobics (think Jane Fonda in leg warmers).

If you offered a free 30-minute consultation to any of “Dr. X’s” patients, it would be a non-threatening way to get them in the door. Perhaps you could even have a spot on your brochure for the doctor to write his or her recommendations down. Now, the doctor has just made the transition from healthcare to good health much easier for their patient.

Marketing to aging Baby Boomers has the potential to bring in some great long-term clients for you and your business, but you have to approach it the right way. Remember, you won’t get them in the door by calling them seniors!

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